March 2019 Income Report

The start of 2019 was busy, in a really good way. In Jan I launched a new website in the coins niche, you can read up about it here. Then in March, I bought an Amazon Affiliate website for $45,000. You can read about that here.

It’s time to report on how all my projects are going.

My coin website

What happened in March

In January this year, I launched a brand new website focused on British collectible coins. This is an ecommerce shop selling all sorts of coins that people like to collect in the UK.

The first step of this project is to drive organic traffic to the site. I hired a writer on Upwork and published 80 articles on the most popular UK coins. For example the Jemima Puddle Duck 50p, or the Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p or the Tom Kitten 50p.

In two months I have spent roughly $1,000 on outsourced content production. All the content is written by a single writer based in Thailand. She is doing a great job. It feels slightly uncomfortable paying all this money upfront before seeing any results. But I remind myself that it’s normal for a business to invest before seeing any reward. Why would an online project be any different?

After 6 weeks of publishing content and not seeing any traction on Google, I finally started seeing signs of life. When I log into my Google Search Console, I see that the site is starting to appear in the SERP (Google search results).

I published a few dozen articles late January. Mid February, Google noticed them and the number of daily impressions started to climb. We are now late March and the site is appearing in the SERP almost 300 times per day. The trend is upwards.

This is exciting news – it shows Google has crawled and indexed the site. The Big G is starting to send traffic to the site.

It’s too early to celebrate though. With 300 impressions per day, I am only getting a handful of actual clicks to the site. This is because my results are appearing very low down the results list. On average … position 40. So far the site has received 61 clicks from Google. On the peak day last week I received 5 clicks. But it’s a start and will only go up from here.

This site is not making any money. There is nothing to buy on this site yet. No ads or affiliate links either. I won’t bother with any of that until I get some traffic to the site – at least 30 visitors per day.

Next steps for my coin website

Over the next month, I plan to exclusively focus on publishing more content. Specifically, I will be doing two things:

  1. Going deeper on existing content
  2. Publishing one “epic” in-depth post to establish topical authority

1. Going deeper on existing content

Instead of broadening the coin coverage (adding pages on new coins I haven’t covered yet), I would like to increase the depth of the content on the existing coins. The reason behind this is simple. My current content is “on par” with that of my competitors. But it’s not “significantly better”.

In 2019, if you want Google to hand you the top spot in search results: you need your content to be so much better than existing content. This is particularly true if the site (like mine) is new and has no domain authority.

I’ve asked my writer to go a step deeper in her coin descriptions to take overall word count from ~200 to ~400 words per page. This feels like the right thing to do. Let’s see if Google agrees.

2. Publishing one big “epic” post to establish topical authority

I also plan to publish one in-depth post on a specific coin collection: the Beatrix Potter 50p collection. This post will be at least 3,000 words long. The goal is to produce the single best article covering this specific topic. This massive post will show Google that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to Beatrix Potter 50p coin collection. Look Google I’m such an expert in this topic that I bothered to write the longest, most badass, most detailed post on the subject! I’m legit, rank me.

This post is meant to be so detailed and useful, that other sites would want to link to it, which will help my SEO.

My Amazon Affiliate site

Early March I purchased a website through Empire Flippers. I paid $45,000 for it. Read here why I decided to buy this site. This website reviews car parts and sends traffic to Amazon for a commission.

March Performance

I got hold of the site in March so I don’t have a full month of earnings to share. But looking at the trend ($1,638 over 24 days), it looks like a full month would land around $2,000. This is the most the site has ever generated. I’m very pleased. My target is to grow earnings 10% each month.

Plan for April

I’m going to double down really hard on this site in April. There are 3 key areas I will focus on:

  • Building a team & process: I’ve started looking for writers that have automobile and mechanics experience. By the end of the month I would like to have tested 2-3 writers and created an editorial calendar and roadmap.
  • Publishing several high quality content pieces that aren’t Product Reviews. I’ve already commissioned several long form articles that will serve as anchor pieces that will link to Product Reviews
  • On page optimisation: I plan to optimise the structure of the existing product reviews to increase conversion to Amazon.

The blog you are reading is a few weeks old. This is my third post. As you can expect, there isn’t much traffic to report on. But I will be covering the progress of in my monthly updates to give you a sense of how it is doing in terms of traffic and audience.

My aim for April is to get 10 of my friends to register for my monthly newsletter. This will increase the accountability and motivate me to deliver great updates.

On a personal note

Book of the month

I’ve recently re-read one of my top 10 favorite books of 2018: The Bitcoin Standard.

This book is written by a Lebanese economics professor. It covers the history of money, the emergence of gold and silver as form of payment, the Gold Standard and the subsequent rise of state-controlled fiat currencies. It goes on to explain what bitcoin is and why it is the best store of value ever created.

I’ve read plenty of books on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies over past 2 years – but this one really blows it out of the park. It is significantly better than anything out there. I highly recommend it to beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

Reading this book has prompted me to start reinvesting in Bitcoin this year. I’m buying through Coinbase and then transfer the bitcoin to my Ledger Nano S cold storage.

I’ll do a proper post to explain my thoughts on Bitcoin soon.

Holidays in Dubai – spending a lot of money and feeling weird yet energized about it

I’m writing this post from Dubai, sitting in a gorgeous hotel called the Oberoi. My wife and I wanted to get away from London, get some winter sun, visit somewhere new and most importantly celebrate her birthday in style. Dubai fit all the criteria. I got cheap flights using my Amex British Airways points and a heavily discounted hotel booking using my loyalty points. We booked without doing much research or planning.

And here we are! The city is unlike anything I have ever seen. Much bigger than I imagined. Hundreds of skyscrapers surround the Burj Kalifa, the word’s tallest building. Everything is super-modern, ultra clean, ultra luxurious. All of it was built in the sand, out of nowhere, seemingly overnight.

Prices are steep – especially food and alcohol. $15-$20 for a beer. $100 for a basic lunch for two. It took me some time to get used to it. I don’t spend much on “things”. For holidays we usually go places where our UK salaries give us leverage: Portugal, Spain, Turkey, South East Asia. Places were you can have an amazing meal with plenty of wine and walk out thinking it was a bargain. It’s the opposite experience here in Dubai – everything is 30-50% more expensive than London.

Anyways, the first few days felt unnecessarily expensive and slightly oppressive. But suddenly this morning something changed in my head. I suddenly embraced the whole luxury experience thing. It pumped me up. It made me realise all the beautiful and amazing things that money can facilitate. It encouraged me to open my laptop and see how I can make more money faster. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you felt this before? Please share in comments below if you have.

I look forward to sharing the next update. Remember to sign up for my newsletter to get notified when I publish the next Monthly Income Report.

Thanks for hanging out with me

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